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    does anyone have a parts schematic of the Grimeca system mounted on disk brake vespas? I am having the toughest time finding a part and a rebuilt kit in Italy. I have a friend visiting there and he cannot find it???
    The bit in question is the one between the reservoir box and the lever. It is a round rubber membrane to keep dust out.
    thanks, luca

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    Hi luca, sorry for my english, it's very bad
    if I understand the rubber membrane you need correctly (a bit of rubber, costs about 70 eurocents), I think you cannot find as spare part and buy in scooter spare shop. Try to contact directly Grimeca helpdesk on their website, and ask if they can send you the spare with post service. www.grimeca.com
    normally they'll send you a PDF file with parts schematics and their codes, so you can identify the parts you need and they'll ship after paying (I don't know how you can pay them).
    my regards and welcome to VR.
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